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The Garden Sheds Galore range of Superior Heavy Duty Steel sheds provides quality, choice and design to meet the needs of the discerning buyer

At Garden Sheds Galore we understand everyone has individual needs, so our heavy duty range of steel sheds comes in a big variety of sizes. In fact we can offer over 100 different standard sizes of heavy duty steel garden shed, and you can design your own shed with totally flexible floor plans, you put doors, windows and skylights where they work best for you.

At Garden Sheds Galore, we believe we have the largest variety of shed sizes, shed styles, shed qualities, shed colours and choice of construction materials. So if your main motivation is price or immediate delivery, or you need the best quality money can buy, or custom shed design to suit your needs, at Garden Sheds Galore, we can offer you the best advice regarding your shed needs, so you can choose a steel shed that is right for you.

Heavy Duty steel garden sheds come in prefabricated, pre-assembled wall and roof panels, which makes it very easy for the DIY person to erect their shed, or you can take advantage of our professional installation service.

Top quality heavy duty steel sheds - designed and built to last

Superior heavy duty sheds from Garden Sheds Galore come in two distinct styles;

Features of Superior Heavy Duty Steel Sheds

The Garden Sheds Galore range of Superior Heavy Duty Sheds,

  • Are constructed of Australian made Bluescope® Zincalume or Colorbond® steel – unlike many sheds on the market today which are now constructed of inferior imported steel.
  • Come in both Zincalume and the full range of 22 Colorbond® colors.
  • Are constructed of 0.48mm thick steel – many of our competitors sheds can be as thin as 0.27mm.
  • Are constructed of Hi-profile steel (28mm deep), as opposed to many sheds on the market being only 19mm – 20mm deep. This gives our sheds superior strength and rigidity.
  • Steel Framed version are fully framed in 25mm RHS galvanised steel tube.
  • Have a standard sidewall height of 1900mm as opposed to the majority of sheds on the market having a sidewall height of 1800mm.
  • Can have extra height added to optimise your storage area.
  • Have a 25mm RHS galvanised steel framed door in comparison to the majority of shed doors which use a cross brace strap with no framing.
  • Have flexible placement of door and windows on the front panel of the shed without incurring extra expense.
  • Come standard with steel stiffener in skylights for added strength.
  • Skylights made from Tinted Poly-Carbonate, many competitor products use weaker Fibreglass.
  • Have a door clearance of 830mm as opposed to “mass produced” sheds which have a door clearance of approx 750mm – 775mm.


A variety of options are available so you can customise your shed to suit your needs. You can add;

  • A Tinted Polycarbon Skylight(s) to allow natural light into your shed.
  • A louvre window(s) for light, ventilation and outlook.
  • A sliding aluminium window(s) for light, ventilation and outlook, (3 sizes available).
  • Double doors, or custom sized doors, should you have large oversized items to move in and out of your shed.
  • A Timber floor, for when cold concrete just won’t do. Moisture-resistant yellow tongue flooring with 70 x 45mm treated pine joists.
  • Have a generous door size of with the door being full steel framed, (many competitor doors are timber framed).
  • Custom sizing, you can alter standard sizes to suit your needs, both wall heights and floor area.
  • Custom door position(s), puts your door(s) where you want them
  • Gutter kits to catch and divert rainfall.
  • A timber sub floor for your timber floor, perfect for uneven sites, and also allows air to circulate underneath, keeping everything nice and dry.
  • A range shed accessories, such as tool holders, steel shelf sets, lockable door handles and bike bars are available to finish your shed off.

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